Xero Easy Payroll

  • Using  Xero cloud based accounting with Payroll   including bank fees and bank rules which catch all bank transactions daily ( so there is no keying from bank statements Save on bookkeeping ( so fire your existing Book keeper and Save,  as well as getting valuable  financial and  management information you need to run your business on a timely basis (Affordable,useful, timely business information etc).

  • Tracks your GST and prepares your BAS information in seconds. Hassle Free, Get organised easily and meet ATO ( Tax deadlines) too.

  • Any time, Anywhere
  • Today’s business is on notebooks,Tablet (Ipad) or Mobile’s. As a small business owner, we know you need your paperwork close by. Manage everything 24/7 with password protected login from home, office, on the road, across the city or across the world — anywhere.

  • Xero Easy Payroll
  • Xero Payroll  handles all Australia Payroll requirements now with automated Super payments.
  • All payroll permanent staff or Temporary payroll  no problem with Xeros Cloud  Payroll software, designed for regular  people.( not just for accountants or payroll personel ) Click and done including payslips, calculate superannuation and all in a few minutes.

  • Multi-user Access with Xero Cloud software:
  • Welcome to the ultimate in flexibility and convenience( Xero in the cloud) . Now everyone in your organisation from the owner/manager, staff and bookkeeper/accountants can have access at the same time and from different offices.

  • 30 Day FREE Trial
  • Begin today! Learn how simple managing your paperwork by taking advantage of our trial period. Get to know our cloud based solution( Xero) better and be 100% comfortable before making your first payment.



Concerns you should have about your book-keeper / Tax Accountant, are they value for money?? No they are not!


Why rely on a book-keeper who can only process transactions in MYOB( out dated technology ), who generally do not have the skills to interpret this business information due to inadequate education and training (only Cert 4 Book keeping ) or your Tax accountants who most likely lacks real world accounting and business experience. Most Tax accountants have no business experience only tax accounting experience which they charge like a wounded bull ( often from $150 to $500 an hour) for basic out of date tax accounts.